Shrimp stir fry.


Monday is the first day back at work for me after a 3 day weekend. I realize how lucky I am to have 3 days off, not only in a row but over the weekend. The last 6 years of being a Hairstylist has not been like that at all! but It does make going back to work on Monday even harder.
To make things easy I try to plan a simple dinner so that Aaron and
I have more time to spend together relaxing, usually on the couch, in front of our brand new 42inch flat screen!
Sunday, my super sweet husband brought me home a few presents! He bought me two new cookbooks that a friend recommended (so far I love them!)

and Vegan shrimp from sidecar! I made shrimp stir fry out of pretty much everything we had left in our fridge, which wasn’t a lot. We also ran out of soy sauce so I had to white trash it up. I’m so surprised how good this turned out I had to post it.

Shrimp Stir Fry
Thaw out shrimp in package.
Prepare rice before you start veggies
In wok put in chopped veggies, I used celery, carrots and mushrooms
with 1/4 cup water 2-3 cloves garlic, nutritional yeast and sriracha.
After the celery and carrots get soft, mix in shrimp.
Normally I would use lots of soy sauce, we ran out so I used a Ramon seasoning package mixed in water.

This sounds weird , I know. Turned out great, we ate everything!

We also watched the remake of Friday the 13Th. It was full of boobs, blood and cheesy one-liners that make up your typical slasher film. Remake or not we liked it!


4 Responses to “Shrimp stir fry.”

  1. Jenny said

    Vegan shrimp!? Who knew! Man, I wish I enjoyed cooking as much as it sounds like you do.(And probably so does my husband!)

  2. Jenny, Im cheap. Thats why I decided to start cooking more:) (I also dont want to get fat from eating out all the time) The vegan shrimp is soo good, its crazy!

  3. Thank you so much for letting us know this Shrimp Stir Fry. I love this recipe because I tried to cook it last night and my kids like it. So I hope you can share a lots of recipes here.

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