Lazy Sunday.


It has been busy weekend! I’m nursing a cold while still recovering from the show that my band played in Portland on Friday night. We left town at 2:00 on Friday afternoon, I was showered and in bed by 3:00 on Saturday morning. It was fun but draining!
Aaron and I did a lot of lounging together yesterday and caught up on books and zines. I finally decided on a new book to read. I have been downloading samples onto my Kindle for like a week! It has never been so hard for me to choose a book! Last year I read 29 books, I couldn’t stop reading. I just started on my 3rd book of the year, kinda disappointed in myself! If I get a book, I have to finish it even if I don’t like it! so I sucked it up and the book is…..drum roll….

Wow, totally stressful already, I’m hooked!.
Any good book recommendations for the future?

Last night, Aaron took me to Neumos to see Rocky Votolato

we are both fans and try to go and support him when we can, he did a lot of the faves from the album ‘Makers’ and a bunch from his new album ‘True Devotion’ not to sure about that album yet. It was a great date night!

Today Aaron left to go to the Bicycle Expo and I’m stoked to hear about all the new things we are going to buy when we win the lotto, the list keeps getting bigger:)
I went to practice, grocery shopped and I’m making Split Pea soup. This is my fist time making it so I’m sure I will post about it if it turns out good!
My brother is over with a cold too, misery loves company!
I’m going to pop some meds, take a nap and then go to practice for my new band……Wow I guess this Sunday isn’t a lazy as I thought!
Hope your having a good weekend!


One Response to “Lazy Sunday.”

  1. kelsey said

    Hey it's far as book recommendations go..The unbearable lightness of being by milan kundera- this is my favorite book of all time. I read it at least once a year. it's really beautiful. The bell jar by sylvia plath- this was my previous favorite book before I read ublof. I read this probably 10 times throughout jr. high and high school.let the right one in by john ajvide lindqvist – im sure you've seen the movie, the book is just as fantastic if not more so. tropic of cancer by henry miller – this book was banned for a long time. enough said. ishmael, my ishmael and story of b by daniel quinn – im sure you have read these already, but if you haven't do so quickly! tomcat in love by tim o'brien – such a great book. personal and painful and funny and wonderfully written.anything and everything by bukowski or murakaminaked and me talk pretty one day by david sedaris – guaranteed laugh riotendgame vol. 1 and 2 by derrick jensen – kinda heavy, kinda dense, but kinda life changing.demo or local by brian wood – these are comics, and they're great. i doubt you can get them on a kindle and im not sure if they actually count as books, but they're sweet! have fun!!

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