Perfect Pasta.


We eat a lot of Pasta in this house. We love all of it, linguine, lasagna, bow tie, vermicelli, manicotti….you get the point. Because we love our Pasta so much we have a new rule, we are only eating whole wheat pasta from now on! I couldn’t make the switch to brown rice (I think its terrible) so we did the switch with our pasta. After all, Aaron and I both work out almost everyday, not only to be healthy but to be able to eat whatever we want and not feel guilty or get fat. Yes, I said it. We promised each other when we got together that we wouldn’t be “one of those couples” that gain weight together, and so far we have both lost weight and that feels goood.
The truth is we are sick of spaghetti, we are so over it. You will find pics below of what we have been eating lately, and what we ate last night while having a Six Feet Under marathon and listing to new records from friends!
We don’t celebrate Easter so looks like we will be finishing up the 3rd season of six feet under! I love weekends.
Artist:Charles Bronson
Album:Complete Discocrappy.

Perfect Pasta:
Featured pasta:
Rotini (twists)
I haven’t perfected my own pasta sauce yet so we stick to Hunts Garlic and Herb sauce, its good, cheap and a big can.
In pan start with olive oil and fresh garlic, add mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, sauce.
For seasoning I use garlic powder, red pepper, salt, basil.
So simple yet so good!
Don’t forget to top with Nutritional yeast and Vegan Parmesan!


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  1. awwwwwwww thank you so so much ^_^and that pasta looks so yummi 😛

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