Mama’s Mexican Kitchen.


Thursday is my Friday, I have 3 days off in a row. I am the luckiest person ever. Since Aaron is laid-off we have a lot of time to do super fun stuff. We have had some beautiful Seattle weather and Thursday was perfect. I got off work at 3, walked the mile home and hit the gym for a quick 3 mile run. Then we went to Mama’s Mexican Kitchen to sit on the sun soaked patio and have an early dinner. They have a bunch of delicious veg options! We decided to share the Nalasco Burrito (pictured below) with tofu and beans and rice on the side. With chips and salsa this was the perfect amount for us to share, not to full, not still hungry, just right.
We live about 5 blocks from Mama’s and I cant wait to hit up happy hour this summer and cool off with a very Alcoholic Cadillac Margarita. Mama’s has been in business since 1974, that is because the food is so good and the servers are pretty rockin. Go here.

After Mama’s we got coffee’s to go (in our own cups) walked down to Myrtle Edwards/Sculpture Park and sat in the sun, watched puppy’s play in the water and talked about our weekend.
I am so happy in my life right now and I am stoked about the future.
Yay for Weekends!


One Response to “Mama’s Mexican Kitchen.”

  1. I love Mama's too! I wish I lived close like you 🙂 xo

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