Birthday Party.


This last weekend was a Bff’s birthday. I was stoked that she didn’t decided to do karaoke or rollerskating, which have been her ideas the last couple of years. Yes, I hate karaoke, and yes, I hate rollerskating. Some would call me a fun-hater, that is fine with me. For her birthday this year, she decided to get a crew together and visit the Zoo. I cant say I was excited about this either. The Zoo is such a sad place! I would talk about how terrible humans are but that is not what this post is about. I try really hard not to come off as a pretentious vegan so I do my part as a friend. After all, we are going to Bamboo Garden for dinner, I cannot complain!
I decided to get out of my creative (or lack of) rut and make some presents.
I made a make-up bag and a drawstring bag, I thought would be a good travel bag for toiletries
since she visits her now fiancee Nate, who lives in AZ (who made a surprise visit to propose on her bday weekend!).
Also, made some pretty good chocolate cupcakes with vanilla lemon frosting!
I think this can go down in the books for being the best birthday a friend could have.


One Response to “Birthday Party.”

  1. Ha – I hate karaoke too 😉 These looks scrumptious! xo

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