Happy Birthday to me!


I just want to take a minuet to wish myself a Happy Birthday! I will be 29 in 7 min. Also, a quick shout out to my parental units for raising me and loving me!

This last year has been one of the best. I celebrated 2 years of marriage, 2 years of being Vegan, 1 whole year of  living in one place (for us that is huge, good thing we love our apartment) My first trip to NYC, 6 years of doing hair, I ended one band, and started another, spent a lot of time with good friends, and ended some relationships with bad friends, I also read 29 books. Wow, I am awesome!

I will set some new goals for my 29th year tomorrow! We have some really exciting things coming up, so now its time to learn some patience and enjoy the summer. I also stopped blogging for a bit. It’s always good to have a fresh start, so here I am at WordPress!


One Response to “Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. Jenny said

    Yay! Welcome back to blogging, nice to see you!

    But more importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    You had a great year this year–here’s to many more! (virtual toast)
    I look forward to toasting you in person tonight! Keep kicking ass, girl!

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