Full Stomach, Happy Heart


I like to eat. I like to cook, bake, and again, I like to eat. Because of this, I have to exercise. It’s not as easy as it was back in Seattle, we had a gym in our apartment complex, I walked to work 4 days a week, 2 miles a day, and even more since we didn’t own a car and lived downtown. Here, we now own a car (boo!), don’t live within walking or really, running distance, and I don’t even enjoy running enough to have it be my everyday routine. Aaron loves it and he gets up every morning before work and runs 8-15 miles, he is crazy motivated. I on the other had need more options in my life.

I got us a few free gym passes to try the next couple weeks, hopefully find a new home for my (brand new, totally awesome) gym shoes.

Also, I’m starting my meal planning again.  I have the best Vegan cookbooks and some of them I haven’t even used yet. So, I will be choosing a recipe out of each book, and planning dinners for 4 nights a week. There are too many amazing Vegan restaurants here to not go and support them, plus we love eating out anyway. Now I get to cook yummy dinners and not have the pressure of doing it every night.

I made vegan Pigs in a Blanket the other night, with sauerkraut on the side. Soooo good.


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