No Work Weekend


Ahhhhh, a weekend off. So much to do, so little time.

Aaron and I took a blanket, books and lunch to the Santa Monica beach.
After a nap on the beach, we drove to the ghetto to see some bands play, one in particular, Arctic Flowers from Pdx. It was totally worth it. I love that band!

Since it takes a million hours to get anywhere in LA, we finally got home, ordered pizza and cuddled with the cat, who has to have a little visit to the vet tomorrow. We think she has a bladder infection (soooo sad).

It rained. Yep, it does rain in LA. I’m not complaining, just saying I’m happy we went to the beach on Sat and didn’t wait til Sunday.
I did laundry, baked cupcakes, took a walk, made a gigantic plate of Nachos and wrapped up the weekend by watching the 3rd movie in the millenium
trilogy. Good food, good movies, good weekend.


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