Cut or Dye?


I’ve got the itch. The itch for a new hairstyle that is.




Alexa Chung, best dressed in 2010?……um….yes, yes and yes.

Wish List


The holiday season is upon us. I love the holidays, of coarse, I will be celebrating the Pagan holiday, Winter Solstice,  X Mas, to be clear.  Although, I don’t get upset when people write “Christmas” on a card. There are more important things to put my energy into, like my holiday Wish List!

                                                       1. Shoes from

                                                        2. Coffee Thermos

                                                       3. Influence, Mary-Kate &Ashley Olsen

                                                       4. Victoria Secret Gift Card

                                                       5. Tocca Perfume, Cleopatra

I dont think I need to say it again, but, I will, I love this girl. She has been a huge style inspiration for me lately. Thanks Studded Hearts for posting these photos!  Alexa Chung
L’Officiel August 2010