No Work Weekend


Ahhhhh, a weekend off. So much to do, so little time.

Aaron and I took a blanket, books and lunch to the Santa Monica beach.
After a nap on the beach, we drove to the ghetto to see some bands play, one in particular, Arctic Flowers from Pdx. It was totally worth it. I love that band!

Since it takes a million hours to get anywhere in LA, we finally got home, ordered pizza and cuddled with the cat, who has to have a little visit to the vet tomorrow. We think she has a bladder infection (soooo sad).

It rained. Yep, it does rain in LA. I’m not complaining, just saying I’m happy we went to the beach on Sat and didn’t wait til Sunday.
I did laundry, baked cupcakes, took a walk, made a gigantic plate of Nachos and wrapped up the weekend by watching the 3rd movie in the millenium
trilogy. Good food, good movies, good weekend.


Fighting a Cold


Everyone I have come into contact with in the last 2 weeks, have/has a cold.

Aaron was out of work 4 days with the flu and Monday I started feeling yucky, tired, emotional and grumpy. That’s how I always feel when I start to get sick.

Spending the day at  home in bed, is not how I like to spend my day off, but luckily I’m easily entertained and have books, zines and new albums to catch up on.

Getting me through:

Mood: Lethargic

Listening to: Lemuria, Pebble

Disappear and do this for a while.

Mood: Sentimental

Currently listening to: Godspeed you black emperor

                                                                Pic via weheartit

Two days in LA


Last weekend, we had some friends in town from Seattle. We had 4 people stay at our house, making that a magical number 6. We brewed multiple pots of coffee, drank bottles of wine, cooked lots of pasta and snapped tons of pics! It was fun driving around to different  neighbourhoods and doing touristy stuff.
We went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to pay respects to Johnny Ramone, got as close as possible to the Hollywood Sign, went to City Walk (huge waste of money) went shopping on Hollywood Boulevard, Went to brunch, Rodeo Drive, drove up and down Sunset Boulevard, The Cha Cha Lounge for drinks/photo booth pics, Amoeba Records and then to Venice Beach. That was all in 2 days!
Here some pics from our adventures.

Mon Ami


What do I do if I can’t sleep? Post photos of my Cat of course!
She is so photogenic, I’m very proud.

I like to eat. I like to cook, bake, and again, I like to eat. Because of this, I have to exercise. It’s not as easy as it was back in Seattle, we had a gym in our apartment complex, I walked to work 4 days a week, 2 miles a day, and even more since we didn’t own a car and lived downtown. Here, we now own a car (boo!), don’t live within walking or really, running distance, and I don’t even enjoy running enough to have it be my everyday routine. Aaron loves it and he gets up every morning before work and runs 8-15 miles, he is crazy motivated. I on the other had need more options in my life.

I got us a few free gym passes to try the next couple weeks, hopefully find a new home for my (brand new, totally awesome) gym shoes.

Also, I’m starting my meal planning again.  I have the best Vegan cookbooks and some of them I haven’t even used yet. So, I will be choosing a recipe out of each book, and planning dinners for 4 nights a week. There are too many amazing Vegan restaurants here to not go and support them, plus we love eating out anyway. Now I get to cook yummy dinners and not have the pressure of doing it every night.

I made vegan Pigs in a Blanket the other night, with sauerkraut on the side. Soooo good.